2022 Oscars Predictions App

The 2022 Oscars are just around the corner, and I thought it would be neat to showcase how easy it is to create an interactive Python dashboard with Streamlit by having fun with an Oscars Predictions App.

The app is hosted on Streamlit Cloud and uses a free Deta Cloud database in the back-end to store people’s Oscar Winners predictions (https://deta.sh/).

The app also has a couple other fun pages, including a Best Pictures Emoji Quiz and interactive charts of nominations by movie and past movie winners (# awards vs # nominations jitter plot).

If you want to try out the app: https://bit.ly/oscarsApp
Also a medium article talking about steps to create and deploy the app:
Oscars Predictions App with Python and Streamlit — Part 1: Deploying the App | by Bogdan Tudose | Feb, 2022 | Medium


The quiz was fun! Great app!


Loved the emoji quiz! :heart_eyes:


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