Add a line item or row

I have a related example here. (Instead of a button to add one, it uses a slider to set the number of rows but the Streamlit mechanics are the same.) The example has the forth column being computed from other columns as an additional feature.

import streamlit as st

st.write('# Solution using input widgets')

# a selection for the user to specify the number of rows
num_rows = st.slider('Number of rows', min_value=1, max_value=10)

# columns to lay out the inputs
grid = st.columns(4)

# Function to create a row of widgets (with row number input to assure unique keys)
def add_row(row):
    with grid[0]:
        st.text_input('col1', key=f'input_col1{row}')
    with grid[1]:
        st.number_input('col2', step=1, key=f'input_col2{row}')
    with grid[2]:
        st.number_input('col3', step=1, key=f'input_col3{row}')
    with grid[3]:
        st.number_input('col4', step=1, key=f'input_col4{row}',
                        value = st.session_state[f'input_col2{row}'] \

# Loop to create rows of input widgets
for r in range(num_rows):
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