[Aggrid] Bad request issue + No handler for "None" issue when pressing a button and selecting rows + Bad message format : unrecognized RootContainer in deltaPath

Hi everyone.
I have issues using my shared app, which I didn’t have with the same code.

When I press a button or select an aggrid row, I does nothing. I get the No handler issue.
In addition, I also get this error when selecting rows using aggrid : zlib.error: Error -3 while decompressing data: invalid distance too far back

When I want to save the results of my app, I finally get this message

When I run the app in local, I don’t have these issues. Would you know why ? I can’t share the app because there are confidential data in it.

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Experiencing the same issue here with components Aggrid, my app keeps crashing with the same Traceback errors in Local when I press too many buttons on the Grid.

It still does the job but once in a while it raises that 'Unrecognized RootContainer in deltaPath" issue.
Any fix ?