Apache Tika for PDF

Dear all,

I use Apache Tika (with Tika-python) and it works well in local.
But when I want to deploy to Streamlit Cloud, I don’t know how to install Tika.
Please help,


Hi @HO_Tuong_Vinh,

There are a few different files you can put in your repository to specify what python packages need to be installed. App dependencies - Streamlit Docs

The simplest is just a requirements.txt files with a line for each python package (e.g. tika). It looks like that package requires Java, so you might also need to have a packages.txt file to make sure Java also gets installed. See this answer: Java_not_found_error - #2 by randyzwitch

You are right.
I need to insert Java in the packages.txt file.
Many thanks,