App crashes on phone

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I’m having issues with my app running on my phone. On my computer it does note experience these issues. When on my phone, as seen in the video, it will randomly crash. (1)

Hey @celenaaponce,

I did visit your app both on mobile and on laptop and couldn’t replicate the crash behaviour. Could you tell a bit more on what specific page has issues in your end? Is it systematically happening?

Btw, nice multi-page app! :clap:

It’s mostly happening in the sign in page. I made dummy logins for testing.

If you hit entrar on the sidebar and login with:
username: celena.a.ponce@gmail.com2
password: ASL

then click around on the tabs. That’s where it tends to crash.


This time that it crashed it gave me some error messages. Here’s what I’m seeing:

2023-10-24 04:47:07.479 MediaFileHandler: Missing file d599385e34d3ea149f33e1f29f88ac6c349e4a47161c03a33f43ae87.png

2023-10-24 04:47:07.479 MediaFileHandler: Missing file fc0d6966117e63bbdf0743892431ac3d5f4f3c1b189a6da2321f052e.png

2023-10-24 04:47:07.480 MediaFileHandler: Missing file a3a9bab79b8ce981d3091b17b8c4b41284d3727eff71aa0a4445ba73.png

2023-10-24 04:47:07.480 MediaFileHandler: Missing file 4fba928ec18126f115f2bbe1a9ef010ce6a5d0718fa04b60a36ff944.png

2023-10-24 04:47:07.637 MediaFileHandler: Missing file 23327bd3e3dd467c083d3fda199dfff00d00922f5b5773ad0abe33b9.png

I google searched this error and saw something about updating to the most recent version of Streamlit, which I have done. I am still getting this error. It only happens on my phone though, I do not see this issue on my computer.

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