App is in running mode but does not complete


I have a database web app that I have deployed where I can click to run predefined SQL queries on BigQuery but it gets stuck on Running. It works fine locally and the only warning I gto from the log was my pip package needed to be updated.

Would appreciate some feedback as to what I may be missing.

Thanks all!

Hi @Mark_Moralls -

For this BigQuery instance, is it one you set up, a work one, something else? My first thought here would be that BigQuery isn’t letting in traffic from the Streamlit Cloud infrastructure.


Hi Randy!

Thanks for responding. It is set up by myself. I didn’t think about that (obvious) part. My requirements file probably needs to be tweaked by adding a specific role or similar, so will have to look into this.

Think I found the problem. I was using local environment configuration in my scripts so that’s not going to in a cloud environment.

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