Can no longer test branches on private repo

Hi, I was trying to test big changes in a branch (private repo) and found I could no longer do so. Is that something new? I used to be able to make a branch on a private repo and test it.

Hey @shawngiese,

You should still be able to deploy from different branches of your repo. The only restriction is that you’re limited to 1 private app. Are you no longer able to deploy different branches of the same repo?

Hi Caroline,
I had made a branch off of my private repo to test the next release but I was not able to load it up as a streamlit cloud app.

Can you share the error you’re seeing?

Hi @Caroline, maybe I am doing it wrong but when I go to add a new app on the Streamlit cloud and point it to a branch on my private repository, I receive the following error:

You can only have one private app per workspace on Community Cloud

I used to be able to do this to test before release but now I only receive this error.

Hmm that’s strange that it allowed you to do that before – unfortunately, Community Cloud is limited to 1 private app, and deployments from different branches of the same repository are considered distinct apps. Sorry for the inconvenience!