Cannot access apps

I cannot access when I log in and it says to contact support. The apps on my account are also down. Please help, thank you!

Hi! Can you share a screenshot of the error that you get? What is your GitHub account?

It seems that your account was flagged for potential abuse by our automatic abuse detection system. When this happens, you get locked out of the system and the applications get removed.

I’ve unblocked your account, but you’ll have to redeploy your applications. I recommend that you try to keep CPU and memory usage within reasonable limits to prevent getting flagged again.

Got it, is there a way to track CPU and memory usage?

And thank you for the help! Just as a follow-up, I would love to see what the data usage looked like that caused the account to be flagged. I don’t believe there was any crazy usage yesterday. Just to know how to avoid such problems in the future. Thanks!

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