Checkbox values is not stored, when created inside a button

I have a series of checkboxes inside a button. When the button is clicked, then the checkboxes should appear with default selections. Ticking/Unticking the checkboxes, however, does not show on the rerun as the button state is not preserved. Clicking on the button, again leads to same default checkboxes. I need to store these states. Attaching screenshot and code below:


Clicking the checkbox leads to:


Any leads how to make the selections show for the checkboxes?


import streamlit as st

if st.button("Click Me!"):

    st.checkbox("Option1", value = True, key = "opt1")

    st.checkbox("Option2", key = "opt2")

    st.checkbox("Option3", key = "opt3")

    st.checkbox("Option4", key = "opt4")

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