Conditional if structure


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I am trying to use the conditional if structure but the code returns invalid syntax.

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```st.sidebar.header('Enter Details')
CIF_USD = st.sidebar.number_input ('Enter CIF in USD', value=0)
cc = ['1500cc and below', 'Above 1500cc']
car = st.sidebar.selectbox('Engine size', cc)
st.sidebar.write('1USD = 128 KES')
FX = 128
st.sidebar.write('CIF in KES :    ' + str(CIF_KES))

#..excise duty.....
def excise_duty():
    if car = Above 1500cc:
        return CIF_KES*b
        return CIF_KES*a

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I expect the code to return excise duty of 20% of the CIF if the vehicle is 1500cc and below and 25% if the vehicle is 1800cc and above
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The code returns invalid syntax
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Hi @Dennis, have you tried looking up the correct syntax for python if statements? For example, 4. More Control Flow Tools — Python 3.11.1 documentation