Configuring sn

The scripts provided with the package support several ways to run snget (the
program to fetch new news):

 cron     -- The program will be executed daily by cron -- useful e.g
             for permanent connections;
 ip-up    -- The program will called from ip-up, that is, when your
             computer makes a connection -- useful for e.g. dialup
 manually -- The program will never be called, you have to call it
             manually to get new news (just type snget as root).

  1. cron  2. ip-up  3. manually

it appears on streamlit share terminal, how do i choose it

Hey @candika,

Can you please share your app’s GitHub repo and the link to the deployed app?

here my app’s GitHub repo

and this the link to the deployed app

im trying to import sn library from cran , but it appears that configuration. i have to choose one of them

1. cron  2. ip-up  3. manually

but i cant because it on streamlit share terminal.

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