Connecting to streamlit server

Connecting to streamlit server… => the window just hold still there!

What causing the problem??

It’s working now! Do our apps heavily rely on streamlit server in order to be alive?

I think it’s just a function of this specific app. There’s no centralized server that a Streamlit app running from the open-source library needs to connect to.

If an app is running on Streamlit sharing, then it might take a little bit for the image to start up, or if it’s deployed on another cloud platform, they might have their own latency issues.

I am still very confusing since it works sometime, but it doesn’t work on and off that showing ‘Connecting to streamlit server’.

It took 5 to 20 seconds showing ‘Connecting to streamlit server’, and then worked fine (brought up th app!).

We host the app in AWS with SSL certificate https installed.

The connection problem has gone away. Thank you so much.

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@Steve_Chen ,what change did you make to connect to streamlit server, even I am facing the same issue. Help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

I hosted the app in Amazon VM.