Connecting to streamlit server

Connecting to streamlit server… => the window just hold still there!

What causing the problem??

It’s working now! Do our apps heavily rely on streamlit server in order to be alive?

I think it’s just a function of this specific app. There’s no centralized server that a Streamlit app running from the open-source library needs to connect to.

If an app is running on Streamlit sharing, then it might take a little bit for the image to start up, or if it’s deployed on another cloud platform, they might have their own latency issues.

I am still very confusing since it works sometime, but it doesn’t work on and off that showing ‘Connecting to streamlit server’.

It took 5 to 20 seconds showing ‘Connecting to streamlit server’, and then worked fine (brought up th app!).

We host the app in AWS with SSL certificate https installed.