Corrupted graph plots going from version 0.69 to 0.70

Hi Streamlit,

been pulling my hair out with a bug we have found. I’d like to check to see if anyone has seen this, knows what is causing it, or how to fix.

Pictures speak louder than words so…
Basically all plot functions on our application work fine and look something like this:

But when we move to any version of streamlit after 0.69 all graphs look like this:

Nothing else changes. The data is still the same and coming from mongodb.
I’m hoping this is something simple!
Notice the time axis is all wrong too!

Kind regards, Nicholas

Hi @nherriot -

Have you tried versions past 0.70? 0.69 was 10 versions ago now, so if this was an actual bug, it might have been fixed since then.


Get back to you shortly. We are on 0.73 at the moment.