Count of selected rows into a variable

Thanks to the Streamlit community. I am able to build an app using aggrid and input csv file without issues.

I am struggling to declare a variable of selected rows grouped by a column as shown in the picture.

I want to use the variable to perform some airthmetic operations based on the number of rows selected in the column.

Any help is appreciated

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Hi @Madhav_Kunapareddy

Assuming your aggrid variable is called dta i.e. dta = AgGrid(…
Did you try something like this?
trows= len(dta[“selected_rows”])
st.write(f’Total rows = {trows}’)


Hi Shawn,

Greetings. Thanks for the reply. Apologies for not explaining in more detail.

I have used similar kind of code and was able to write the row count.

But the requirement / my struggle is to write count of rows selected per process area (column in data frame).


Order to Cash 30
Market to Demand 10

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Hi Shawn,

Greetings. Thanks so much. However I was able to get the solution with help of another friend.

Thanks and Regards

You are most welcome, @Madhav_Kunapareddy . Would suggest you post the final code here, so that it may help someone else trying to resolve the same issue.


Hi Shawn_Pereira,

Greetings. Please find the below code that worked for me. Thanks to my friend who has helped with this logic.

`if(row_count >0):
  pa = df.groupby(['Process Area']).size().reset_index(name='count')
  paDict = dict(pa.values)
  st.write(paDict['Market to Demand']) 

Thanks and Regards

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