Creating a streamlit form and having issues with unboundlocal error: local variable refered before assignment, any way to go around it?

I am creating a form to allow users to edit a database entry. So what happens here is that they will input an index and then the code would use that index to do an sql query for that rowid (returns a tuple). I would then use the tuple to prefill the fields for them to edit. However I am getting unboundlocal error on the variable i assign the tuple to.

if 'num' not in st.session_state:
    st.session_state.num = 0
if st.session_state.num == 0:
    with st.form("input index"):
    index_input = int(st.number_input("Input index you want to edit")
    index_button = st.form_submit_button(label = "Index to edit")
    if index_button:
        editable_row = sqlquery(index_input) #rowid query function
        st.session_state.num += 1
if st.session_state.num == 1:
    with st.form("Form to edit"):
    option1 = st.selectbox("Selections", selections, index = selections.index(editable_row[4]))
. #other lines of streamlit inputs that calls "editable_row" sliced sql data
    edit_data = st.form_submit_button("Edit data")
        if edit_data:
            change_data() #just a function that does replace in sql
             del editable_row  #I thought this would solve it but it didnt
             st.session_state.num -= 1

Some extra information that this block of code is inserted as a function on my main streamlit page.