Creating interactive table with input elements

Hi there,

I am working on a project and I wanted to create a table from pandas.DataFrame that would not only display the data but also provide input fields or dropdowns for users.
Each row should contain a couple of input elements. Later, the contents of the input elements are going to be inserted into the database.

I’ve read the documentation and tried st.table and st.dataframe, but they do not provide the opportunity for adding input elements into the table. Also tried to create a table, where each dataframe column is a separate st.column, but this approach is not visually acceptable.

So my question is whether there is a workaround to get each row to have such input fields?

Thank you for answering!

Hi @RancidSpring,

Have a look at these 2 links:


Thank you @Shawn_Pereira for answering! This is helpful, but not exactly what I was looking for. The problem is to have such input elements for each row of a DataFrame (visually aligned with the row). So that only some of the attributes can be set by user, other attributes are pre-defined.

Maybe there is a component, that provides such functionality?

Thank you again for helping!

In that case @RancidSpring , the only other option available is Ag Grid (GitHub - PablocFonseca/streamlit-aggrid: Implementation of Ag-Grid component for Streamlit). If you search this forum, there are examples on how to include images, dropdowns, etc.


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