Crispy 🐔: Itemized NYC Food Search

Crispy :chicken:: Itemized NYC Food Search

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Crispy is your go-to solution when hunger strikes in NYC! It’s not just about finding food; it’s about finding the right food that suits your cravings, budget, and location. With a vast database of eateries and dishes across NYC neighborhoods, Crispy ensures you get detailed insights into your food/grocery choices.


  • Search Any Dish: Whether you’re in the mood for a pizza slice or a sumptuous steak, just type it in.
  • Neighborhood Selector: Craving something local? Select your neighborhood and discover nearby delicacies.
  • Vivid Data Presentation: Get metrics on the lowest, average, and highest prices of your selected dish.
  • Interactive Map: Visualize restaurants serving your desired dish, mapped out across NYC.
  • Detailed Insights: From restaurant ratings to opening hours, every detail at your fingertips.

How It Works

  1. Data Integration: At its core, Crispy relies on an extensive database, sourced from meticulous web scraping efforts. This data undergoes cleaning and transformation, ensuring it’s relevant and accurate.
  2. User-Friendly UI: Designed with Streamlit, Crispy offers an intuitive interface that’s both appealing and functional.
  3. Quick Search: Backed by pandas’ powerful data manipulation capabilities, Crispy processes user input in real-time to filter out the best results.
  4. Visualization: Leveraging Plotly, the app showcases interactive graphs and maps, enriching user experience.

Linke to Crispy!

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