Daily News - Summarised

Hello all, I’ve recently created an application:

I created this application due to, to be quite frank, inherent laziness that I wanted a “world news overview” within the space of about 10 minutes (my typical train commute). I found too many articles to be overly busy, not really getting to the point and often made me lose interest.

This app currently provides a summary of the 10 most popular headlines across general, business, science and technology news categories. I would love to know your thoughts…

The application is currently in an ‘open BETA’ and I’ll be looking to release an official v1.0 prior to Christmas, implementing a wider range of news sources (its very US focused at the moment) alongside more ML/ AI processing with further categorisation and ordering throughout the application…

Let me know what you’d like to see, what would make you a repeat visitor?

All the best,