Data frame error of the same code

Data frames are imported intermittently through Pandas data readers. I separated two pages through navigation, but an error occurs only in the same place.

this is error meseege and code. There are times when data frames come out and times when they don’t.

This code and page are normally printed pages.

This is my distributed application.
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This is my repo

Why is this error coming out when it’s the same chord? Please :frowning_face:

Try the following:

Step #1: Check if you first externally installed the datareader with the command:

pip install pandas_datareader

Step #2: Check if you then initialized it in your program with the command:

import as web

Step #3: Change 4th line of your function from:

df = data.DataReader(


df = web.DataReader(

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Thank you for the information. But it still didn’t work. So I just replaced the library with fdr.