Data science compute resources?

Hello, I am not a data scientist and come from an infrastructure back ground. From the research I have done so far, in a lot of cases compute resources (need a lot) and collaboration (works on my laptop, how do I share now) are topics that data scientist often need to address. To simplify it massively, i would look at running jupyterlab on massive computer. Does streamlit address these topics or is it something different? Thanks

Hi @danw and thanks for the great question!

In the open-source version of Streamlit, you have to host Streamlit apps yourself, for example by creating a shared in AWS instance and running the server there.

Our upcoming enterprise offering, Streamlit for Teams, will address sharing use-cases like the one you describe.

Please let us know if that helps and thank you for using Streamlit!

OK, gotcha. have signed up for the beta.:+1:

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