Did anyone in the community tried using Vaex with Streamlit


Did anyone try using Vaex. Vaex is pretty fast compared to Pandas. I’m working on an app with 10 million records currently. This will increase in the future. I will be doing some aggregations and plots on the data to start with. I was wondering if I could somehow display the vaex dataframe. Below is the vaex df type. When I tried displaying the vaex df, it was pretty much displayed as string. Any inputs on the topic are welcome :slight_smile: By the way, jupyter knows how to display a vaex dataframe.

It works in Jupyter, because they’ve defined a Jupyter representation. You can use vaex right now with Streamlit using the following:

import streamlit as st
import streamlit.components.v1 as components
import vaex

df = vaex.example()

# option 1: html is unstyled

# option 2: be careful, could transfer lots of data


Thank you @randyzwitch. I somehow wasn’t able to figure out the to_pandas_df. And yes, what you said is true regarding the lots of data. I’ll be showing a minimum number of rows(mostly value_counts) using this and let the user download the full data if he wants to.