Display a variable with server_state

Hi All,

I’m deploying an app for queue monitoring.
Once the user indicates his name and phone number, the app should display customer’s position in the queue. But if his phone number is already in the list, I will tell him “you can’t sign in, you’re already in the list” (in french)

I’m able to display the message when his phone is in the list, but I can’t display the incremental number. I see a blank page. Here is the code

import streamlit as st
from streamlit import caching
import pandas as pd
from datetime import datetime, date
from streamlit_server_state import server_state, server_state_lock

def cache_clear_dt(dummy):
clear_dt = date.today()
return clear_dt
if cache_clear_dt(“dummy”)<date.today():

with server_state_lock[“n_init”]: # Lock the “count” state for thread-safety
if “n_init” not in server_state:
server_state.n_init = 0
#st.session_state.n_init=0 #A ne pas réctiver
#if ‘n_init’ not in st.session_state:
#st.session_state.n_init = 0

#if st.session_state.n_init ==7:
#st.session_state.n_init = 0

with server_state_lock[“liste_num”]: # Lock the “count” state for thread-safety
if “liste_num” not in server_state:
server_state.liste_num =
#if ‘liste_num’ not in st.session_state:
#st.session_state.liste_num =
#n_init = 0
def main():
global n_init
st.title(“Application de gestion de fil d’attente INNOV Salon”)
st.subheader(“Version Test”)

with st.form(key='myform'):
    Prenom = st.text_input("Prénom")
    num_tel = st.text_input("Votre numéro de téléphone")
    submit_button = st.form_submit_button("Valider")
if submit_button:
    #num_tel = input("Merci d'indiquer votre numéro de téléphone ? : ")
    if num_tel in server_state.liste_num:
        st.write("Vous ne pouvez pas vous inscrire, vous êtes déjà sur la liste")
        #with server_state_lock.n_init:
        #dt_string = now.strftime("%d/%m/%Y %H:%M:%S")
        dt_heure = now.strftime("%H:%M:%S")
        st.write("Bonjour "+Prenom)
        st.write("Nous sommes le ",dt_jour)
        st.write("Il est : ", dt_heure)
        st.write("Vous êtes le numéro "+str(server_state.n_init))

if name==‘main’: