Do User Sessions automatically refresh themselves in an idle browser window?

For one of my cloud-deployed apps, I’m logging information about usage. The app has a free-form text search (st.text_input) box that allows the user to search stuff, and every time one of those searches fails, I log stuff including the search string and a timestamp.

After a few weeks of usage, I’ve noticed that the same search string is failing over and over again, just about every 30 mins (but not perfectly). I find it hard to be believe this user keeps manually searching for the same thing - but more likely is a situation where they searched for something, it failed, and they simply left their browser open with that search word still sitting in the text_input box. So with that as backdrop - the title of this post is my question: Is there some time period where an idle, open browser will autorefresh/rerun…and if so, what’s the best way to deal with that (i.e. kill that session)?

(alternatively maybe this user just really needs a coke.)