Download an streamlit table to pdf

Thank you, this has been very helpful

I am trying to implement jinja2 in my streamlit code to get a final report in a html format.
However, the following error keeps showing up: “TemplateNotFound: reportTemplate.html”
Any help would be appreciated @godot63 @Loubna_Massaoudi

My code:

               TEMPLATE_FILE = "reportTemplate.html"
                templateLoader = jinja2.FileSystemLoader(searchpath="./")
                templateEnv = jinja2.Environment(loader=templateLoader)
                template = templateEnv.get_template(TEMPLATE_FILE)

                outputText = template.render(df=df2, month='May')
                html_file = open('report.html', 'w')

App Folder directory contains:
pages folder (that contains python files for several streamlit pages) file
reportTemplate.html file