Download XLSX file with multiple sheets in Streamlit

Hi there !

I’ve been experimenting with streamlit for a few days and trying to convert some scripts into apps.

It’s been interesting so far but I’ve hit a roadblock : I can’t find a way to download XLSX file from the app.

My script is based on pandas and is pretty easy :

  • Import CSV file
  • Clean/analyze data/create new dataframes
  • Export in a clean XLSX file with multiple sheets

@Charly_Wargnier showed me a way to download a CSV file from the app but I can’t figure the way to download my “export_keywords.xlsx” file :

Is there a way to do it ?

Thank you in advance.

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Hey Michael! Welcome to the forum! :wave:

I think this download_button function from @jrieke would do what you need.


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You can refer this