Embedding a terminal

I wondered if there’s a way to embed a python terminal in streamlit? I’ve got a CLI (using pyinquirer) that I don’t really want to part with, but would like to have it embedded so that I can also display some charts around it too.

Hi @B_W, welcome to the Streamlit community!

Not sure if there’s a current solution, but it looks like if someone wrote a Streamlit Component for xterm.js, that might work?


Thanks @randyzwitch.

A streamlit component for xterm would certainly work!


If you’re interested, you should add this to the Streamlit Components - Community Tracker, so that maybe you’ll find a collaborator to work with to implement this :slight_smile:

Hi @B_W, Did you ever get this working? Do you (or @randyzwitch ) happen to have a link to the Streamlit Component? I’m having trouble finding it. Thank you!

Hi all, I am a bit late but I made a component for streamlit eexactly for this purpose -
Hope you have fun with it