Errno1 and Errno2 when deploying app

Hello, I have built a very simple app I would like to deploy but keep getting these errors. I cant seem to resolve them. I have tried saving my environment as environment.yml and requirements.txt with no luck. Here is the link to the repo.

Help would be greatly appreciated.

:wave: Hi, @Mschaid. You have populated the requirements.txt with packages that haven’t been imported in file.
I would suggest you to only add streamlit package under requirements.txt file.
Also, does your app run locally without any errors?

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Hi @ShruAgarwal,

Thank you! Could it be I used anaconda for my package management? I have plans to continue to build up this app, hence the other packages, but wanted to beta test it with my coworkers. And yes, the app works perfectly locally.

You can either add the specific (imports only) packages manually searching from the requirements.txt or else you can install pipreqs for adding imports from .py files!

Hope this helps to deploy your app! :blush: