Error Dissabling

I completed my model but there are some warnings that can be seen in between the processing of my project, which I don’t want.
Is there a method to disable the warnings of errors?

Hey @Siddhharth_Sharma. Welcome to the Streamlit community! :raised_hands:

A screenshot would help me understand what’s going on!

In the meantime though, I’ll guess that your issue might be due to Python exceptions propagating out of your code and onto the main app screen. If so, I would suggest catching them and processing them, or even just ignoring them as follows:

  # Prevent the error from propagating into your Streamlit app.

Happy app creating! :balloon:

I have the same question. I show an error-text with the try/except code, but the errorbox of Streamlit is still shown

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The variable name might be wrong here.

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I get the error because I entered a text instead of a number. But that is why I made the error-handling and that works because the message is shown.

I just want to get rid of that coloured box.

I found out how to do it in a nice way

numberofcasesdayz = (st.sidebar.text_input('Number of cases on day zero', 130000))
        numberofcasesdayzero = int(numberofcasesdayz)
        st.error("Please make sure that you only enter a number")