Error find

Y = ['Outlier Treatment']

out_lier = st.selectbox('Remove the outlier here', Y)

if out_lier == 'Outlier Treatment':

	def outlier_treatment(data):
		Q1 = data.quentile(0.25)	
		Q3 = data.quentile(0.75)
		IQR = Q3 - Q1
		df_rem_out = data[~((data < (Q1 - 1.5*IQR)) | (data > (Q3 +1.5*IQR))).any(axis =1)]	
		Ot = outlier_treatment(data)
		st.write('Outlier Removed', Ot)

This is my code and i am getting invalid syntax. few days back it was working fine but now its not working, i am writing the code on notepad, and trying to develop a app. kindly help #Questions#Urgent