Error in deploying requirements

my repo on GitHub
I am having an error of “no modules found” when I deploy the code from on although it runs smoothly in my terminal.
I also added a requirements.txt file and ran again but it said that there is error in deploying requirements.

it is my code here
thank you for your attention
all comments are welcome

import streamlit as st
import pandas as pd
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
from streamlit_star_rating import st_star_rating
import re


page =‘Menu’, [“Home”,“Invest”,“Tips”, “About”, “Contact”, ‘Rate Us’])

if page == ‘Home’:
st.title(“Mintify - Personal Finance Tracker”)

st.write("**Add your estimated income here**")
income_type ="Select how often you get paid after tax", ['weekly', 'biweekly', 'monthly', 'yearly'])
income_amount = st.number_input("Amount")
if income_type == 'weekly':
    annual_income = income_amount * 52
elif income_type == 'biweekly':
    annual_income = income_amount * 26
elif income_type == 'monthly':
    annual_income = income_amount * 12
elif income_type == 'yearly':
    annual_income = income_amount

st.write("**Add your estimated expenses per month here**")
rent_amount = st.number_input("Enter your rent or mortgage payment per month")
bill_amount = st.number_input("Enter your bill payment per month (Electricity, Phone, Wifi, Gas)")
car_amount = st.number_input("Enter your car payment per month + insurance")
grocery_amount = st.number_input("Enter how much you spend on grocery per month")
dining_out_amount = st.number_input("Enter how much you spend on dining out per month")
entertainment_amount = st.number_input("Enter how much you spend on entertainment per month")
other_amount = st.number_input("Enter other expenses ou have per month")
total_expense_month = rent_amount + bill_amount + car_amount + grocery_amount + dining_out_amount + entertainment_amount + other_amount
total_expense_year = total_expense_month * 12
balance_year = annual_income - total_expense_year
balance_month = balance_year / 12

expense_dict = {'Rent': rent_amount, 'Bills': bill_amount, 'Car': car_amount,
                'Grocery': grocery_amount, 'Dining Out': dining_out_amount,
                'Entertainment': entertainment_amount, 'Other': other_amount}
expense_breakdown = st.button('Check your expense breakdown')
if expense_breakdown:
    st.subheader('Expense Breakdown')
    labels = expense_dict.keys()
    sizes = expense_dict.values()
    fig1, ax1 = plt.subplots()
    ax1.pie(sizes, labels=labels, autopct='%1.1f%%', startangle=90)

balance_type ='Check your balance', ['Monthly', 'Yearly'])
check_balance = st.button("Check your balance")
if check_balance and balance_type == 'Monthly':
    st.write(f'Your estimated balance in a month: ${balance_month:,.2f}')
    st.write(f'Here is how much you can save and invest per year: ${balance_year:,.2f}')
elif check_balance and balance_type == 'Yearly':
    st.write(f'Your estimated balance in a year: ${balance_year:,.2f}')
    st.write(f'Here is how much you can save and invest per year: ${balance_year:,.2f}')

budget_amount = st.number_input("Enter a budget to see the category that is above your budget")

exceeded_budget = {}

for category, expense in expense_dict.items():
    if expense > budget_amount:
        exceeded_budget[category] = expense

if exceeded_budget:
    st.subheader("Categories Exceeding Your Budget:")
    for category, expense in exceeded_budget.items():
        st.write(f"{category}: ${expense:.2f}")
    st.success("Great news! All categories are within or equal to your budget.")

elif page == ‘Invest’:

    st.title("Compound Interest Calculator")
    initial_deposit = st.number_input("Initial Deposit", format="%.2f")
    interest_rate = st.number_input("Interest Rate (%)", format="%.2f")
    time = st.number_input("Time (Years)", format="%.2f")
    contribution_type ="Contribution Type", ['Yearly', 'Monthly'])
    contribution_amount = st.number_input("Contribution Amount", min_value=0.01, format="%.2f")
    calculate_button = st.button("Calculate")

    def calculate_compound_interest(initial_deposit, interest_rate, time, contribution_type, contribution_amount):
        if contribution_type == 'Monthly':
        balances = [initial_deposit]
        for i in range(1,time+1):
            balance = initial_deposit + initial_deposit * (interest_rate/100) + contribution_amount
        return balances

    if calculate_button:
        balances = calculate_compound_interest(initial_deposit, interest_rate, time, contribution_type,
        st.subheader(f"Final Balance: ${balances[-1]:,.2f}")
        st.subheader("Compound Interest Growth Over Time")
        periods = list(range(len(balances)))
        df = pd.DataFrame({'Period(Years)': periods, 'Balance': balances})
        st.dataframe(df, hide_index=True)

elif page == ‘Tips’:
st.title(“Money Tips”)

money_topics = [
    "How to Improve Credit Score",
    "Money Saving Tips",
    "Investing for Beginners",
    "Creating a Budget",
    "Debt Management Strategies"

selected_option = st.selectbox('Select a Money Tip:', money_topics)

st.subheader(f"Tips for '{selected_option}':")

if selected_option == "How to Improve Credit Score":
    tips = [
        "Pay your bills on time.",
        "Reduce outstanding debt.",
        "Check your credit report regularly.",
        "Avoid opening too many new credit accounts."
elif selected_option == "Money Saving Tips":
    tips = [
        "Create a budget and stick to it.",
        "Cut unnecessary expenses.",
        "Build an emergency fund.",
        "Take advantage of discounts and coupons."
elif selected_option == "Investing for Beginners":
    tips = [
        "Start with a diversified portfolio.",
        "Understand your risk tolerance.",
        "Research before making investment decisions.",
        "Consider long-term goals."
elif selected_option == "Creating a Budget":
    tips = [
        "Track your income and expenses.",
        "Categorize and prioritize your spending.",
        "Set realistic financial goals.",
        "Adjust your budget as needed."
elif selected_option == "Debt Management Strategies":
    tips = [
        "Prioritize high-interest debt.",
        "Consider debt consolidation.",
        "Negotiate with creditors for better terms.",
        "Seek professional advice if needed."
    tips = []

for tip in tips:
    st.success(f"• {tip}")

elif page == ‘About’:
st.title(“About Mintify”)

    "Mintify is a personal finance tracking application designed to help users manage their expenses, set budgets, and make informed financial decisions.")

st.markdown("- **Expense Tracking:** Easily input and categorize your expenses.")
st.markdown("- **Budget Setting:** Set monthly budgets for different expense categories.")
st.markdown("- **Visualization:** View visualizations of your spending patterns.")
st.markdown("- **Financial Tips:** Access tips and advice for effective money management.")
    "- **Educational Resources:** Explore links to educational resources about personal finance for continuous learning.")
st.write("Thank you for choosing Mintify for your personal finance needs.")

elif page == ‘Contact’:
def check(email):
if (re.fullmatch(regex, email)):
st.success(“Thank you for reaching out! We’ll get back to you soon.”)
st.write(“Name:”, name)

        st.write("**Email:**", email)
        st.write("**Message:**", message)
        st.write("Invalid Email. Please enter a valid one")
st.title("Contact Us")

st.write("Have questions or suggestions? Reach out to us by filling out the form below.")

name = st.text_input("Your Name")
email = st.text_input("Your Email")
message = st.text_area("Your Message")
regex = r'\b[A-Za-z0-9._%+-]+@[A-Za-z0-9.-]+\.[A-Z|a-z]{2,7}\b'
if st.button("Submit"):

elif page == ‘Rate Us’:
st.title(“Rate Us”)

st.write("**We value your feedback! Please provide a rating on a scale of 1 to 5.**")
stars = st_star_rating("", maxValue=5, defaultValue=3, key="rating",dark_theme=True)

if st.button("Submit Rating"):
    st.success(f"Thank you for your rating! You rated us {stars}/5.")

Since the error message shows that it’s unable to import matplotlib, try adding that to your requirements file. (Also, you don’t need built-in libraries like re in your requirements file )

Be sure to manually reboot your app after changing your requirements file so it’s sure to rebuild.

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thanks for your suggestion
I will try it
Is there any chance can I ask you in dm?

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