Error installing requirements .... certifi

I am new to Streamlit and have troubles getting the first app deployed.
I get the following error:

Processing /C:/b/abs_85o_6fm0se/croot/certifi_1671487778835/work/certifi
ERROR: Could not install packages due to an OSError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: ‘/C:/b/abs_85o_6fm0se/croot/certifi_1671487778835/work/certifi’

Does this ring a bell to some one?
Would much apriciate your help.

Please can you share your repository on GitHub so we can see how your app is set up? Is this a deployment on Streamlit Cloud or some other hosting service?

The files are located at: GitHub - Peter-Kon/Streamlit_Day3.
I was trying to deploy it using the Streamlit Cloud.
Thank you for your time so far.

You can delete your requirements file entirely since your app is just using vanilla Streamlit. The requirements file you have now is including many, many modules not in use and is also trying to load some certificate information for the certifi module (pointing to a local file path which is the part that it’s hung up on). The cloud environment can’t get files from your local directory.

If you want to keep the requirements file as a framework for adding packages as you add more to your app, then I would simply include one line in it to dictate the version of Streamlit to use:


Ha, great!
Thank you for putting me on the right track :+1: :wave: