Error when deloploying from Github while working with local


For the first time, I’m trying to deploy my app Streamlit (very useful for an application for a job).

I’m able to run the streamlit application with local system. But when i’m trying to deploy it from my github, it doesn’t works.
I discover that I have to create a requirement.txt file so I did.
I also put into comment in my “” lines for librairies importation because of the requirements files.
Coul someone help me understand the error ?

i konw that my repo missing some stuff (list below) but I will try to find a way after :

  • Images from image_train and image_test folder. But they are too many images and the size is too big. I have to find a way (github error when i’m trying to load the images because of the size

  • My X_train file is also too big

But now I really don’t understand

Here my repo :

File name must be lower-case and with the following content.



This is a mistake, the imports must not be commented out. One has nothing to do with the other.

Thanks a lot.

I put some corrections regarding your reply.

Now I have a problem with the dataset library.
Does anyone know the problem ?
I tried in the file to put

  • import datasets
  • from datasets import load_dataset,load_vgg16_cnn_model,process_text, load_logisitc_regression_model, get_image

None of these colution work. I heve this type of message " name ‘load_dataset’ is not defined" or this type of message “cannot import name ‘get_image’ from ‘datasets’”

You should decide which library you want to use, these are two probably completely different libraries on pypi:

  • dataset
  • datasets

Where do you find the library “dataset” ?
I don’t find it. For me i want to use datasets library

Then remove dataset and read the documentation of the datasets library for any specific problems with this library:

Ok but I don’t have any dataset declaration in my streamlit file.

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