Excel-like Filtering in Pandas Dataframe

Is it possible to have filters with checkboxes? I am sending one relevant screenshot.

It is possible to achieve Excel Filtering in Pandas Dataframe using QGrid Library while using Jupyter notebook. I wondering how to achieve this while using Streamlit.

Hey @Andrei_Volkau , welcome to the community!

Haven’t tried yet, but @PablocFonseca 's excellent Aggrid component maybe? Ag-Grid component with input support. It seems the JS part accepts column filters: https://www.ag-grid.com/documentation/javascript/filtering/ so you may be able to replicate that with the component!

Regarding QGrid, it looks like it’s using SlickGrid, an alternative to aggrid, so someone could probably build a Streamlit component out of it. I think integrating QGrid in Streamlit can be difficult as it seems to rely on ipywidgets signals and we’re still not sure how to deal with this inside Streamlit, so dealing with SlickGrid immediately is the better bet.



Hi @andfanilo!
Many thanks for the reference! That works!

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