Extracting images from a docx

Hello everyone,

I am working on an automatic word processing app that intakes Word files and repurposes them by extracting text snippets, some images, and in general copying over data from one file to a different template.

Locally, I save these images in a temp folder using shutil:

IMAGE_EXT = ('png', 'jpeg', 'jpg')
def is_image(filename):
        return any(filename.endswith(ext) for ext in IMAGE_EXT)

import shutil

with ZipFile("incoming_file.docx") as working_zip:
       image_list = [name for name in working_zip.namelist() if is_image(name)]
       working_zip.extractall(path=".\Images", members=image_list)

Some of these images are then placed inside the template I want to use:

pics_table=t.add_table(rows=len(new_product_images), cols=1)
pics_table.style="Table Grid"
for r in range(len(new_product_images)):

Locally, this works fine.
How would you go about doing this in a web app, where temporary server storage is likely to be hard?

Thanks for the help!!