February 2022 Hackathon (9-10th)

Hello @Educators!

I wanted to give you all an early heads up about our next internal Streamlit Hackathon. This event will be held in February and it’s the very first Hackathon of 2022!

The dates are Wednesday, Feb. 9th to Thursday, Feb 10th. As always we will have a Hackathon recap and demo on the following Friday, Feb. 11th.

The theme and more details will come to you all as they become available, in the mean time save these dates in your calendars!

Hope you can join us!
Happy Streamlit-ing!


Thanks Marisa! Is this available for all timezones?

Titipat A.

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Excited to participate again! I’m teaching a full class on the 11th, but maybe I can record my 2-3 min presentation of the app and share that.

Hey @titipata!

Last time we had people join all the way from Japan! We have a slack channel that we will add anyone who is wanting to join, in there regular posts and updates will be made regardless of timezone.

Our virtual meetings are centred more on North American time zones, but many people from other time zones were able to join live, and we record the demos so that anyone who is not able to join can catch up when it’s convenient for them!

Also, our educators will get a hackathon buddy with someone from within the Streamlit team, I try to match people as best as possible so that their time zones are as close as possible!

@sebastiandres @bogdant and @cdavis joined us last time. Anything else you guys would add about the hackathon?

Happy Streamlit-ing!

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I had a blast during the previous hackathon :smiley:. I hope more teachers will to join and experience it! Don’t hesitate if you’re new, it’s the BEST way of learning. And if you have a cool idea, let’s team up!

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Dear Marisa,

Thank you for reaching out and sharing this awesome news. Looking forward to joining the hackathon with you and all the streamlit community.

Best regards,

Muhammad Ali.
Artificial Intelligence Engineer,
Digital Product School,
Munich, Germany.
Email: malirashid1994@gmail.com
Whatsapp No.: +92 335 320 7283

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Thanks, Marisa! That sounds great. I hope to join afterward and may join part of the meeting if I can.

I’m happy to get paired with someone close to my time zone.

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@alihussainia @sebastiandres @bogdant @titipata

Hey everyone! :wave:

We just wanted to give you a quick heads-up regarding our upcoming Hackathon’s theme and schedule.

Hackathon theme

It will be all about Streamit Cloud! :streamlit: :cloud:

As part of our ‘Launch & Learn’, we want to invite you to try new and exclusive Streamlit features! We’re super excited about these!

Hackathon schedule

Our Hackathon will be next week!

  • Day 1: Wednesday, Feb 9th

  • Day 2: Thursday, Feb 10th

  • Our kick-off call will be on Wednesday at 6 pm GMT (1 pm ET).

  • Our showcase session (where you will be able to show your creations to the other Hackathoners) is penciled in at 6 pm GMT (1 pm ET).

For those who may not have done so, please add your email addresses in the thread below so we can add you to our Slack Hackathon channel. You can also DM me if you prefer.

We look forward to seeing you there! :balloon:



I think I should be part of the slack already, but if I’m not:



I’m also looping @cdavis in! :slight_smile:

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We have the following members:

  • Napasara napasara.asa@student.mahidol.edu
  • Thanawut thanawut.tim@student.mahidol.edu
  • Titipat my.titipat@gmail.com

Thanks @Charly_Wargnier, I tried to check in to Slack and it seemed to require an Okta account. Does that sound correct? I think I received an Okta email a month or so ago but didn’t sign up. Would you be able to send me a new invitation?

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Hi @cdavis!

Thanks for letting us know

I liaised with IT about this and they told me that you would need to click on “I have a guest account”


Let me know if that works :slight_smile:


Thanks for the tip! What user name and password should I enter? I tried using my Slack credentials, but that didn’t work.

Hey @cdavis,

Sorry, you’re having so much trouble.

Your uci.edu email is the email I used to add you to the Slack channel. Have you tried using the forgot password button at the bottom?

I might be able to hop on a call with you later this week if you’re still having trouble!

Happy Streamlit-ing!

Hi, please add my email address:843905418@qq.com
thank you.

Hello, please add me: rojo(at)hey.com



I tried to add you to the slack channel but something went wrong with the invite to your email address! Is there another one I can use to add you to the slack channel?


OK, please try to add my another email address: 2801151573rmn@sina.com
thank you.

Hey @BeyondMyself

I’ve added you to the Hackathon channel via 2801151573rmn@sina.com

Would you mind checking again please?