Deploying on Linux server

I’m currently running streamlit on an internal linux server. For some reason the “network link” generates fine, but when I go to internal network and try to load page under given port, it doesn’t work.

I’m wondering:

  • There is an internal firewall issue because Streamlit makes a call to AWS I noticed?

Hi @aus10powell, welcome to the Streamlit community!

The situation you are running into is pretty common, in that Streamlit tells you what the URL would be relative to the IP address of the machine, but your internal system may have other requirements. Meaning, your internal firewall might not accept traffic to port 8501, might not accept remote connections at all, or any number of hard to track down issues.

Are you running this machine at home or is this a company network?


Thanks for the reply Randy.

The linux server is on the company network and it’s “network address” generates the link for it’s network IP with the port 8501. So it sounds like the port may be the issue.

Oddly enough, I am able to run Streamlit on also my local machine connected to company network and in this case others on the network can see it.

It sounds like I need to request for a few ports on the company network linux server to be opened.

I did notice an AWS call in the log. This will definitely be blocked by network. What is this for? For the external url?

Yeah…in this case, that server is probably defaulted to having a few ports open, since they expected to use it for serving web traffic/FTP/SSH and the like. So opening port 8501 would probably do it.

I don’t know what the AWS call might be. I wouldn’t expect we would be doing that, or if so, that Streamlit would require it. I wonder if we’re serving some static asset from S3 or something. I’ll ask around to see if anyone knows what it might be.


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