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Hey @Educators,

We are creating a NEW section in our Gallery webpage that will feature Educational apps. :heart_eyes: :sparkles:

If you would like your app to be featured on our website, please reply to this thread and paste your app link in!

Happy Streamlit-ing!


Hi all, I have this app that renders molecules from a SMILES string. I think it could be useful in teaching chemistry-related topics. I’ll love to see it featured in the Gallery!!


Hey @napoles3d,

Awesome! I will add this to our list of apps to feature in the gallery!

Happy Streamlit-ing

Hello, This is a learning data analysis application for school teachers and corporate human resource development staff to analyze the learning data of students and employees and consult personalized education plans.


Hey @59er

Thanks for the link I will get this added to our list to be posted to the Gallery!


Hey @59er,

What would you like your display name to be on the Gallery for your featured app? Do you want 59er Akada? or something else?

its this part here (as an example):

Hi @Marisa_Smith

I would be happy for my small app on gradient descent to be included in the gallery:

I keep hoping to find time to update this app, but haven’t managed so far. If there are any changes you recommend, just let me know!

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59er is good for me.

Thank you.

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Hey @cdavis,

No problem we will include that for you!

@59er, ok we will use that!

Happy Streamlit-ing

Hi Marisa - you can also include my stock beta calculator that I did for the hackathon (it’s now in a public repo):

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@Jessica_Smith Tagging you here in case you needed any other info for the gallery!

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Hey @Marisa_Smith!

I created an app for visualizing stats related to terrorism & I hope it could be a great addition to the gallery.

Site -
Repo - GitHub - klapeye/gtc-explorer: Global Terrorism Catalogue Explorer
Dataset - Global Terrorism Catalogue | Kaggle


@randyzwitch and @Jessica_Smith :point_up: I’m super late and you probably updated this already but just letting you know :sweat_smile:

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Hi! I have this app that plots fractional composition diagrams and pH-log c diagrams (chemistry-related topics). This project was developed by me and two students. Initially, we used ipywidgets inside Jupyter Notebooks. But when I found out Streamlit, I decided to move to it.

App link:

The following GIF shows the UI:


GitHub repo

I’d love to see it on the gallery!

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@chicolucio awesome! Thank you so much for sharing!

I created an app that helps teachers and instructors to have full control over converting course grade values to grade letters on a 100 percentage scale.

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