Go to another page using a button

Hello, following the newest update of paging using streamlit (Introducing multipage apps! 馃搫), is there a way to go to another page by clicking on a button?

Thank you

There is no simple way to include a button within a page (not the sidebar) that enables navigation from a page to another page (e.g. next page or a labelled page). This is a basic feature of almost every app that has ever been created, especially for mobile. Most user experience expects this (rather than using sidebars). It鈥檚 a glaring omission from the multi-page app functionality of Streamlit. Its absence will hamper the utility and scalability of Streamlit for serious app design. Given Snowflake paid nearly $1bn for Streamlit, you鈥檇 think this basic functionality would have been noticed. It should be relatively simple to enable and it would enable Streamlit apps to start to resemble more sophisticated UI. Please can this be prioritised.


I found a workaround, you can check it here: [Multipage] Custom navigation 路 Issue #4832 路 streamlit/streamlit 路 GitHub

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FWIW, there鈥檚 also a python-only solution shown here: Navigate Multipage App with Buttons instead of Sidebar - #6 by blackary


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