HI-RINGS - Astronomy App


App is finally published, together with research :smiley:

This Streamlit web application allows you to interactively explore our sample of Ring Galaxies (HI-RINGS) using: HI intensity data and images from several other surveys: DSS, DSS2, WISE, 2MASS and GALEX.

Ring galaxies are a class of peculiar galaxies possessing distinct ring-like structures, usually composed of young stars and gas. In our project we study the distribution and kinematics of the HI gas for the largest sample of ring galaxies to-date.

Research that uses this app is being accepted for publication in Publications of the Astronomical Society of Australia (PASA), preprint available here: [2304.00515] The HI in Ring Galaxies Survey (HI-RINGS) -- Effects of the bar on the HI gas in ring galaxies

GitHub code is available here: GitHub - ringgalaxies/HIRingGalaxies

Exploration page from the App:

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Now also a walk-through video of the App is available: HI-RINGS Streamlit App - YouTube

Not my area of expertise but definitely looks cool! :smiley:

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