Host streamlit app in IIS on windows server 2016

Ask the community or our support engineers for answers to questions. Is there an option/guideline how to deploy the streamlit application on IIS on windows server 2016? So I can host it and view the site from other computers?

Thanks a lot

Hi @Tomas_Micek, welcome to the Streamlit community!

I don’t know the answer for Windows Server 2016, but does this answer help at all?

Hi, this manual for Windows Server 2012 doesnt work (at least) for Windows Server 2016. Streamlit does not appear in the browser. It looks like streamlit is not started by the Windows Server Manager.

with much difficulty I managed to get to this point in windows 2016.
Its getting stuck at streamlit welcome screen
any help is appreciated

Same for me!

Is there a way to bypass this from the run command?

In ISS I have these settings:

  • Handler Mapping Script Map

Request path: *.py
Executable: C:<path_to_app>\.venv\Scripts\streamlit.exe run <>

  • Default Document

Sorry for tagging you guys, @randyzwitch @andfanilo just wanted to make sure you guys see this.

Thank you all for your help!

You can run the app using

streamlit run --server.headless true

Hello @Sai_krishna!
I tried that and still shows the message.

Thank you for your reply!

Hi @elcade

Were you able to run streamlit successfully ? I’m having the same error as you were, and still don’t know how to fix it.

Can you share some tips ?

Hello @DittoAsnar!
I wish I could help you, unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find a workaround for this issue.

Hi @elcade

I have found a solution for that worked me. I shared it here

I hope it also worked for you

Hi @Abdur_Rub ,
I am trying to deploy streamlit app on windows server 2016, but haven’t find any luck.
Can you please share the steps on how you have managed to deploy the app.
It will be very helpful.

Hello @elcade ,
Even I am facing the same issue, stuck on welcome screen.
Have you got any solution for that?
If yes, then please do share the steps.
Thanks in advance!

Hi, how do you get an executable like streamlit.exe ?