How can I configure my code to access my private data on GitHub?

I need to create a private app, but I can’t load the data from my private GitHub repository in the app. How can I set this up?
I notice that the private data has a token at the end of the link but I can’t link it to display it in the app.

Hey @camilgg,

Can you share a code snippet that demonstrates how you’re trying to implement this?

Hello Caroline,
I am trying to create a private map in which I need to load different types of information such as csv, geojson or kml.
I share what I was able to solve, in this case read a csv file (preconfiguration of my personal token),
but when reading geojson or kml I have errors with the way to configure the request.

import streamlit as st
import leafmap.foliumap as leafmap
import geopandas
import pandas as pd

headers = {
“Authorization”: “Token xxxxyourPersonalTokenxxxxxx”
df =pd.read_csv(“”,delimiter=‘,’, storage_options=headers)

How can I do in the case of reading geojson or kml?

If the above example worked with pd.read_csv, then you would have to use urllib or better requests package for the other cases.

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