How can I recover wasted space


I have a streamlit use-case that runs on a tablet PC so the screen space is limited.

There is space above where the first text is displayed and in the area where the menu collapses (for a multipage app). On normal screens, this isnโ€™t a big deal but by the time you include the window border, the menu, the address bar, the tab bar, the bookmark bar, and the task tray vertical space is at about 60%, so loosing that fat purple area is pretty painful since it does nothing, other than the info/hamburger menu, which could optionally, go at the bottom.

Is there a way to recover some of the space in the purple and green boxes?

If something doesnโ€™t exist, it seems like you could get ALL of the green area if you put the expander button in the purple box and you could put Info and Hamburger at the bottom and reduce the size of the purple box substantially.

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There are some hacks around it. Try if it will work. However it is better if this is addressed by Streamlit dev.

Also try this guide on how to approach solving an issue.