How can I remove some of the items from Hamburger menu?

Is there a way to remove some of the items from Hamburger menu or customize the Hamburger menu?


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Have a look here:

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I need to remove some of the items from Hamburger menu.

The hamburger menu itself isn’t meant to be customized, but we’re always open to understanding the needs of the community. What are you looking to remove and why?

I want to remove ‘Ask a question’, ‘Report a bug’ and ‘Streamlit for teams’.

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Hi Randy
As I understood, the hamburger menu is better to be customizable, in order for us to have fully access through the app and it’s elements.
BTW Many thanks though.

An update to this thread:

With the release of Streamlit v0.89, we have made changes to the hamburger menu to make some of the menu items customizable as well as made the menu context-aware for viewers and developers.

Please check out our blog post for more details: 0.89.0 release notes

Thanks and looking forward to the community’s feedback :balloon: