How fit is Streamlit for my project


Hi guys,
I have to the frontend for a University project, but I don’t know anything about traditional frontend frameworks like React or Vue etc. I know python pretty well and Streamlit seems to fit what I want to do, but I’d like some confirmation from more experienced persons.

The structure of the project

  • user/admin authentification: I’ve seen some implementations and I’m pretty positive this is do-able with Streamlit, although maybe not ideal using multipages and something like Streamlit-Authenticator
  • a map of a city (input from user) which shows alerts (some colored marker depending on the type of the alert): I think using something like googlemaps api
  • form and button for adding an alert: this is pretty straightforward; the alert will be then passed to a database using an API made by me and my colleague.
  • user dashboard with things like table for his alerts
  • admin dashboard with things like list of users, list of alerts and some statistics
    So, is Streamlit fit for something like this, or should I try to implement that with some other framework?