How to create tabs?

Hi everyone,

i am quite new to Streamlit but already in Love with it.
At the gallery page there are two tabs to switch between “APPS” and “COMPONENTS”. That looks quite beautiful.

Can anyone tell me how to create similar (or at least similar looking buttons) tabs? I want the tab or button be highlighted when selected. Like in the Link.

That would be amazing :slight_smile:
Best regards!

Hi @butterstulle, welcome to the Streamlit community!

An important thing to note about the link you provided is that our corporate website isn’t actually written using Streamlit (for shame! :laughing:). Adding tabs is a feature request that we are working on, but it’s currently not available within Streamlit. It would be a great contribution from the community as a Streamlit component.


Thanks for the answer :slight_smile:

Some updates about tabs in streamlit: