How to get something printed from a function

def movie_edit1(moive, inp):
		inp_alpha = []
		inp_alpha = inp
		movie_list = []
		movie = ""
		movie_list[:0] = movie

		for i in range(0, len(movie)):
			if(movie_list[i] not in inp_alpha):
				movie_list[i] = "_"
			if(movie[i] == ''):
				movie_list[i] = ' '
		movie_new = ""

		for x in movie_list:
			if(x == "_"):
				movie_new += '-'
				movie_new += x 
		return movie_new

     h_list=['Avengers','Charlie And The Chocolate Factory','The Lion King','Inception','Harry Potter',
	'Suicide Squad','Bird Box','Annabelle','The Ring','The Amazing Spiderman']
	b_list=['Welcome','Ready','Happy New Year','My Name Is Khan','Highway','Student Of The Year',
	'Dear Zindagi','Kahaani','Talaash','Bhaag Milkha Bhaag']


st.write(f"{movie_edit1(h_list[n], input_alpha)}")
		x = movie_edit1 (h_list[n], input_alpha)

I am trying to get this above line printed but for some reason, it shows a blank space instead whenever I run it.