How to load next file while working on the current file?

I am working on the audio tagging application where the tagger with listen to the audio file and based on that they will answer some questions and go to the next audio. But the tool that we have developed is actually taking a lot of time to load (or read from the drive) the next audio file when the next button is clicked.

I am looking for the way where I can load the next audio file in cache while anwering the question of current audio so when the next b

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Hi @vgthengane,

Please, would you mind pasting either a code snippet or a URL reference, so we can feedback accordingly?


I did this with a stock chart app.

I loaded the initial data and displayed it directly to the screen. After writing that to the screen I immediately load the next chart’s data and save it to a session_state variable.

When the user clicks “Next” I display the previous session_state cached data and, after displaying it to the screen, I grab the next data group and save that to the session state variable for the next round.



Follow up to above reply.

Here’s the actual code I used. Hopefully it’s commented well enough to understand:

def market_scan(exchange):
    exchange = exchange
    num_candles = 75
    watch_list = get_perp_list("FTX_perp.txt")

    # Initialize session state with current coin and its' data
    if "current_coin" not in st.session_state:
        st.session_state.current_coin = watch_list[0]
    if "next_coin_data" not in st.session_state:
        st.session_state.next_coin_data = get_period_data_dict(watch_list[0], num_candles, exchange)

    # ------------------------ Begin Display Page Layout ----------------------------------------
    c1,c2,c3 = st.beta_columns((3,2,3))
    c2.title("Market Scan", anchor="top")

    coin = st.session_state.current_coin                    # Get name of current coin to print
    coin_period_dict = st.session_state.next_coin_data      # Get preloaded dictionary of coin data

    show_charts(coin, coin_period_dict)                     # Display each chart in order
    st.button("Next", key="dfsaf")
    # ------------------------ End Display Page Layout ----------------------------------------

    # Cache Next coin data for next page load
    coin = (next_coin(watch_list))
    st.session_state.next_coin_data = get_period_data_dict(coin, num_candles, exchange)