How to lock variable across user on Streamlit Cloud?

Hi, hope you have a good day. I have a question below, hope some one can help… thanks!!

For example, if I have 3 accounts deploy on the steamlit cloud, also I have 3 users are using my app at the same time.

Q:How to avoid each user get the same account during the app is running ?

I want sequence like:
A user → NO1 Account
B user → NO2 Account
C user → NO3 Account

Hi @Theo_K,

Ideally, in your app, you will need to implement a:
a. Login section to authenticate users
b. some form of storage mechanism (sqllite, csv…) where you have tagged a user to an account.

The user would then login in, and basis that login, get only shown the account s/he is tagged to.