How to share the current settings to other users, preferably via URL?

I am working on a project where the user can choose an audio file, either from a list or upload his own.
After some modifications he can have a system do something with this audio file.
The systems output is then presented as a new audio file.
I am looking for a way:

  • to share this new audio file
  • so that a new user then also sees this new audio file

Conceptually, this is:
A selects audio file, system does something with it, A shares his work
B receives link, the generated file from A is available in the selection or pre-selected now

Is there a way to handle this? As a workaround I can generate random names which can be shared, but for conveniency reasons I am looking for a URL sharing option.
E.G.: url_to_streamlit:port/shareable_settings, which makes these settings loaded when B clicks on the link.

I have also read about using custom components, but I am unsure how to proceed there.
Your feedback and input is appreciated.


Hi @naim_v_e,

Thank you for sharing with the Streamlit community!

In terms of sharing the settings/parameter information, I would consider using URL parameters to store that information. You can then retrieve the URL parameters using Python.

Hope this helps.