How to show a percentage in st.text_box or other input widget?

If I want to input a percentage and adjust it in input widget, how can we make it?
use the float way, I had tried, my colleague is not satisfied.

Hi @BeyondMyself

Can you please clarify the requirement a bit
Maybe with an example?


like this

st.code("95%", language="markdown")

If I want to let user to adjust it at any time
Is there have some solution?

If i understand it correctly, you want a percentage input method.

You can use st.slider for it like this:

import streamlit as st
from st_radial import st_radial

val = st.slider('Percentage Input',min_value=0, max_value=100)  
st_radial('You selected',val)  


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It looks great.
If we use st.text_input and st.select_box to let users to submit information to the database, this solution can not merge well with st.text_input and st.select_box in a entire layout.
Maybe we will have some other solution.